MUMBAI, the city that never sleeps and transforms dreams to reality. Growing up in the city - the fast paced life, the constantly changing skyline, the beaches and the continuous hustle bustle of the city makes you feel like you’re a part of something monumental.

Inspired by the dynamic cityscape, I did my undergraduate degree in Architecture and worked on various projects relating to sustainability, waterfronts, urban design and landscape. But, I missed the speed at which things moved.

Spending my entire life in the city which is home to Bollywood, I realised that design is in everything, not just in the skyline and landscape which opened up a whole new dimension of possibilities.

Wanting to transform my dream into reality, I moved across the globe to California where I pursued my MFA in Applied Design at CalArts. I am currently working as a Production Designer, Scenic Artist and a Visual Developer in Los Angeles and seeking opportunities to collaborate with artists from all over the world.

I aspire to create visual excellence and redefine the way we look at cinema.